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      Office Address :Rm204, Huaying Mansion, Central Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin,China

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      Welcome to ICIF China 2017!

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      BOOTH NO.:C16A

      Date:  8.30 - 9.1, 2017

      Adress:Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center


      Exhibition item

      -- Basic Chemicals

      -- Petrochemicals and Clean Fuel

      -- Fine and Special Chemicals

      -- Innovation Showcase: New Materials, Smart and Green Factories,    Health,    Security and Environment Protection

      -- Chemical Processing and Technologies

      Tianjin Crown Champion Industrial Co., Ltd

      Crown Champion was established in 2000,mainly devotes to Ammonium Sulphate Granular and Magnesium Sulphate researching, developing and producing, as well as other fertilizers and chemicals exporting. Our Factory Tianjin Topfert Agrochemical Co.,Limited, was invested and established in 2002, mainly manufactures Ammonium Sulphate Granular with yield of 100,000mts per year and 100,000mts Kieserite (Magnesium Sulphate) per year.

      Supported by the advantages of Tianjin Port resource and its investing environment, our export quantity keeps increasing steadily every year. Meanwhile we are the sole exporting representitive for several chinese fertilizer factories, that all makes our company standing on the leading position in fertilizer exporting field. Our main products mainly include Nitrogen Fertilizers, Phosphate Fertilizers and Potassium Fertilizers, also Micro Element Fertilizers such as Zinc Sulphate, Manganese Sulphate and Ferrous Sulphate etc. The products have been widely exported to Europe, Middle Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America and South America, nearly 50 countries.

      Topfert and Crown Champion took the lead in getting ISO9001:2008 certification. With its scientific management and high efficiency team the spirit of continuous innovation, we are willing to be your best cooperation partner.

      Ammonium Sulphate(硫酸銨)

      Magnesium Sulphate(kieserite)(硫酸鎂)

      Zinc Sulphate monohydrate(一水硫酸鋅)

      Potassium Sulphate(硫酸鉀)

      Scheduling Program

      Exhibitors: 30 August  - 01 September 08:30-17:00

      Visitors: 30-31 August 09:00-17:00 / 01 September 09:00-14:00

      Address: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Convention Center

      Magnesium Sulphate(kieserite)(硫酸鎂)